The Reporter , February 1996, pag. 4

Houses in  Britain   from Way Points by Giuliano Iantorno and Mario Papa, Zanichelli


In Great Britain most people live in houses. There are three main kinds of house: detached, semi-detached, and terraced.


A detached house is a house which is separated from the other houses, and only one family lives in it. A semi-detached house is joined to another house. The building is divided into two houses, and two families live there. Each family has its own door and garden. A terraced house is one house in a row of many houses which are all joined together. Terraced houses are very common in Britain.


English houses usually have two storeys, a front garden and a back garden. Downstairs there are the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. The bedrooms, the bathroom and the toilet are upstairs.


Nowadays, however, many people also live in blocks of flats. A flat is a group of rooms on one floor. Flats are often grouped in a single building called a block of flats, and are quite common in large cities.