Multicolour Visions

Multimedia Book  by Giuliano Iantorno-Mario Papa-Janet Shelly                                                                                                                                Zanichelli Editore, Bologna, 2009

The multimedia books are books that provide ways for students to continue their study by using the accompanying CD-ROMs and DVDs or by connecting to the Internet. There are detailed cross-references to film clips, animated lessons and interactive exercises on the pages of the books.

Multicolour Visions contains the DVD with the videos of the storyline of The Story Episodes.

Multicolour Visions is an innovative and enjoyable course to learn English in the most natural way: looking at the people while they speak, as happens in real life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    It is very simple to use. Each book has a different colour, so students immediately identify it:

Green book: Get ready with Entry book,

Blue book: Learn and practice with Student’s Book and Workbook

Yellow book: Review Illustrated Grammar

Red book: Expand with Multicultural Visions

The Entry book aims at understanding the level of the class at the beginning of the course.

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