Best dates

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Best dates

You are going to hear two people, Barbara and Rick, talking about the best dates they have ever been on. As you listen, decide which of the following statements is most appropriate, and tick the box beside it.


1. She was a) 13. □ b) 14. □ c) 15. □

2. The invitation to go out was a) verbal. □ b) on the phone. □ c) written. □

3. Before the date she felt a) nervous. □ b) excited. □ c) worried. □

4. a) She arrived at their meeting place before he did. □ b) They arrived at their meeting place at the same time. □ c) He arrived at their meeting place    before she did. □

5. They went to the a) theatre. □ b) disco. □ c) cinema. □

6. a) Barbara paid for her ticket. □ b) Her friend paid for her ticket. □ c) Her ticket didn't cost anything. □


1. The celebration was a) a friend's Christmas party. □ b) the company's Christrnas party. □ c) a friend's leaving party. □

2. a) A colleague □ made the suggestion that Rick should take his sister to the party. b) His boss □ c) A cousin □

3. Rick was a) delighted □ b) excited □  c) nervous □ before the party.

4. a) Ruth wasn't amusing. □ b) Ruth wasn't shy. □ c) Ruth was nerrous. □

5. Rick enjoyed the evening particularly because a) the food and drink were excellent. □ b) the dancing was great fun. □

c) he hadn't expected it to be so good. □


Now listen again and take notes.

Why was the date so special?



Compare your answers with a partner. Which story did you prefer? why?

Now tell your partner about one of the best (real or imaginary) dates you have ever been on.